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hello my name is misty mckenzie i am the owner of unlimited leads 

we help clients be successful in their business by finding them leads that convert for any business we give you 50 leads up front on us any leads you buy from us we match them prices start as low as $5 and if you're interested in buying leads make sure you get a hold of us to tell us how many leads you want otherwise orders will not be filled till the next business day unlimited leads    

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but today we are going to show you 

how to get sale to your offer?

lets say your saleing shoe online

get sale to your offer you would have to run some kind of advertisement correct ok 

so first what you want to do is write a blog about what you're selling

and in this case it shoes 

so you would write about how they feel on your feet 

how long lasting they are before you got to get another pair

and also make sure you have other people that have tried your shoes before so that way you got their opinion on what they thought about your shoe 

and now it's time to get traffic to your offer 

after you build a Blog about your offer you go and post your blog on 

all social media and also use YouTube but to use youtube you need a video blog 

if you still are not getting customers to the offer then you might try some traffic exchanges or run some paid ads 

here are some of the best traffic exchanges

1. traffic bar

2. custom hits

3. cash juice 

4. plentyofhits4u 

5. worldprofit 

6.  any online classifiedads or any new paper 

7. referralfrenzy 

8. easyhits4u













21.hungry for hits

22.easy traffic builder store front

there are a lot more traffic exchanges then this just to let you know 

where you should buying ads 

1.facebook ads

2.twitter ads

3.tumblr ads

4.reddit ads

5.herculist ads

tiktok ads ads

8. 10 dollar solo ads


10.5 dollar solo ads solo ads 


13.igor solo ads

14.solo ads x


16.easy solo ads 

17.superior solos post classifieds



depending on your budget if you have a high budget you can use the ones below ads


3.extreme lead program ads



7.quality email marketing




and now after all this Uconnect your offer to your blog your blog to your traffic is change your traffic exchange to all social media accounts and now you got to decide if you want to make videos for this to which is highly recommended but no matter what with affiliate marketing and also getting traffic you want to make sure everything is connected  no matter what 

because if everything is connected you will get a lot of traffic

by misty mckenzie   


                                    tomorrow's blog


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